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Deepesh Chaudhari| Best web developer

Deepesh Chaudhari is one of best web developer in Kanpur. he worked in the different-different field of web development and continuously progressing currently, he is working on his startup.

Deepesh Chaudhari was born on  June 24, 1997, at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India but he basically belongs to Kolkata. he is a fun loving person with a great sense of humor, His father name is Lt. Govind Chaudhari, he was a Government Servent and his mother name is Mrs. Shobha Chaudhari, she is a housewife, now he pursuing his B.TECH from Allenhouse Group of College and enjoying his college life.

Deepesh Chaudhari is a Indian software engineer, YouTuber(channel name:- Deepesh Chaudhari), Search Engine Optimizer, and he is a Fonder and CEO of CubersIndia. He is a B.Tech Undergraduate from Allenhouse-Kanpur, his innovative ideas and humble personality takes charge to the growth of his Startup CubersIndia

He starts a new STARTUP COMPANY, his company name is CubersIndia , it is software and web development company, There are 5 members in his Core team in which he has one of the best web developer, every team member has great knowledge in their field, They are also working in the area of Android Application .

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Deepesh Chaudhari is a fun loving person, he loves to do something new and innovative. his funda of living life is simple that “Life is an Icecream enjoy it before it melts” because life comes only once and there is a beautiful quote that:-





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